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Ketof Cough Syrup

Ketof Cough Syrup

Ketotifen fumarate.
Indications / Uses
Prophylactic management or treatment of bronchial asthma and symptomatic treatment of allergic conditions including rhinitis and conjunctivitis.
Dosage / Direction for Use
Adults: 1 mg (1 tsp) twice daily with food. In severe cases, the dose may be doubled. Preferably, 0.5-1 mg at night may be given for the 1st few days of treatment if drowsiness is likely to be a problem.
Children >2 years: 1 mg (1 tsp) of ketotifen twice daily with food.
Children <2 years: Not recommended.
Elderly: Same as adult dose or as advised by the physician.

Special Precautions

Treatment with existing antiasthmatic therapy should be continued for at least 2 weeks after initiation of ketotifen treatment due to the risk of exacerbation of asthma. For the same reason, ketotifen should be discontinued gradually over a period of 2-4 weeks.
Effects on the Ability to Drive or Operate Machinery: Drowsiness may occur, particularly during the 1st days of treatment. Patients should be warned not to drive or operate machinery until the effects of treatment on the individual is known.

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